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Parasol Base

Lightweight parasol base


Parasol Base

Spike Parasol Base seamlessly blends minimalist design with functionality, catering to those who cherish outdoor living. Weighing just 5 kg, it allows for easy relocation of your parasol without the need to detach the base. Its versatility and user-friendliness make it an indispensable accessory for your garden or patio.

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Parasol base on cobblestone
Parasol base on grass

Grass & Tiles

The spear mounting allows the umbrella stand to be easily and securely placed on grass, gravel, or between tiles. The length of the spear and the size of the base provide solid support for the umbrella.

parasol base on wooden terrace
Lightweight parasol base


The spike of the parasol base can easily be dismantled, and the three holes in the shed can be used to screw the parasol securely into the wooden terrace.


Lightweight Parasol Base

When the parasol base is mounted, its light weight of only 5 kg makes it easy to move the entire parasol around without having to dismantle the base.

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Nordic Design

& Quality

At Spike Company, we have designed and made an exclusive parasol base, with a focus on form and functionality. The parasol base, with its minimalist design, is a work of art in the garden

Lightweight parasol base

Spike Parasol Base


The included tools make it easy to mount/dismount the spear of the umbrella stand, allowing it to be mounted on both the terrace and the lawn.


The surface treatment of the umbrella stand provides it with robustness and durability, allowing you to leave it outside throughout the year.


With a weight of just 5 kg, the parasol can be easily moved around without removing the base from the parasol 

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A Sustainable Product

The Spike umbrella stand is designed in Denmark, where the majority of production also takes place. This minimizes unnecessary CO2 costs associated with transportation. The choice of materials, and the consistent processing of them, allows for the umbrella stand to be used for outdoor purposes all year round, with a lifelong durability, thereby minimizing waste production.


Our Mission

At Spike Company, we make exclusive equipment for the garden with a focus on form and functionality. We have always taken pride in creating a product that has lived up to the highest standards in terms of durability, design and functionality. It is based on these three cornerstones that we work every day.

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